The true story of NOOR INAYAT KHAN -- Code name: MADELEINE.

Noor grew up just outside of Paris with an American mother and an East Indian father.  Her father was a holy man, a healer -  he gifted Noor with a special view of the world -- one filled with compassion, heart and a powerful fearless conviction.   Not long after her father's death, Noor and her remaining family were forced to flee France at the dawn of World War II. 

In London, Noor volunteers to train as telegraph operator and is approached about special ‘liason work’ that may involve great danger.  She accepts and after rigorous training is secretly flown back to France to join a specialized network of spies all transmitting crucial information.  Noor is met by Antoine, an Englishman at birth, but even a native Parisian would think he grew up next door.  

Then, on a single night all of the spies of this elite communications force are brutally captured and killed because of a traitor within...all of them except Noor.   Soon she is able to get one short communication back to the base in London.  They tell her that all is lost, the network is compromised and that a plane will come for her.  But most important of all, she must stop transmitting immediately as even a single key stroke could give a way her location.   

Then Noor does something no one expects.  She asks for permission to stay -- that her services may be vital.  A single voice remained between occupied France and the allies in London.  It was the voice of Noor Inayat Khan...code name MADELEINE.

The true calling of this amazing young woman would spill forth from her heart and wash through everyone around her.  From the feverish love affair that emerged between Noor and Antoine -- to the face to face confrontation with Nazi officer Ernest Voight to her immortal soul that lifted the hearts of all those who knew her.  This riveting true story burns off the page and sheds light on a single truth...the spirit of Noor Inayat Khan lives on to inspire the world.